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Shes no twigg....FULL OF PIXXXXX!!!

Name: Shy <<<<sigh...yes my real name
Age: 19
Location: New York, NY <<<<recently moved here from FL
Height: 5'7<<<<all legs lol
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hips): 38-31-45
Eye Color: Brown
**dont mind the dates here i forgot to change them
lol for the record....I don't want to model and though I'm deep into fashion I've never cared to model lol these are just pix of me being just! lol i don't throw up in the toilet to
feel prettier or starve myself lol

xo xo all,

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Deleted comment

OMG thanks so much i had no idea how to do that!!!

xo xo,
well, im sure theres a market for a face and body like yours :) commercial.. or something i have no idea! but nevertheless nice to see such a confident person and you seem very happy, and dont let no model agency or whatever talk you down :)
Two words: Tone up.

Pretty commercial face though.


9 years ago


9 years ago

the proportions are a bit off but i think youre pretty.
maybe if you could get the 45 to 38?
you have gorgeous legs and should definitely take more photos highlighting them with shorts and skirts instead of skinny jeans, perhaps? i think a short skirt + flowy top scoop neck top would be the most flattering for your shape.
always up for fashion tips lol i can ironically get away with wearing just about any thing lol or maybe its that i'm willing to try any thing. i'll put pix up with ur idea as soon as i can get the skirt and shirt combo!!
You're pretty. The fact that the background in a few of these shots is so cluttered really takes away from you.

I'd like to see more pics tbh.
never even noticed how busy the backgrounds are in these photos...see thats what i love a person who pays attention to details. i <3 you!!



9 years ago


9 years ago

You have a really pretty face. I think if you toned up a little, you could do some commercial work.
I like you. You are a real woman. I love your confidence... It's inspiring in a society where girls will starve themselves to death to fit what they think is "beautiful".

I think you could do commercial work, but unfortunately the modeling world is about that idea of "beautiful" and starvation. But I could definitely see you in the entertainment industry, whatever you would be doing--whether singing, acting, or commercial modeling.
my thoughts exactly

Deleted comment

my intent was never to put any one down. it was a reference strictly to myself and my own feelings. aside from that, had i been saying it in reference to other people i would hope it would motivate them to stop doing those things that are harmful. this can work the same in both directions (large and not large). if the comment offends some one that is guilty of those things, its triggered something in them that tells them its wrong. thats something they have to decide within themselves similar to how i've decided it in myself and you the same.
I think you are very, very pretty and I love your personality! I am not sure if your look is right for general modeling but I don't see why you couldn't try it out if you like. You seem very cool! :)
i see lots of women modeling at this size. i dont know what everyone is talking about. you probably just wont be able to do runway. you could model for fashion cataloges. i think your breath taking.
You have a very pretty face, and you hold yourself well--a genuinely confident woman.
Nice to meet you!


August 30 2009, 17:25:40 UTC 8 years ago

You are the most beautiful girl I've seen in a really long time.
I hope you haven't changed much.
I can't see the pics